CSA specializes in guest cancellation insurance. Don't let unexpected events that cause you to cancel or interrupt a vacation stay cost you money. Read more about how this insurance works and how it can save you money on your next vacation investment.

Read more about CSA Guest Cancellation Insurance

Guest Cancellation Insurance provides important benefits and coverage from a wide array of risks. Unexpected events like unpredictable weather, or a medical or family emergency, can cause you to cancel or interrupt your reservation stay, forfeiting any non-refundable pre-payments made for your trip.

Maui Beachfront Rentals offers travel insurance through CSA Travel Protection services.

Ask your vacation specialist at Maui Beachfront Rentals about this valuable travel protection or check with CSA to verify specific coverage that will apply to the accommodations and services that have been provided by Maui Beachfront Rentals. Click CSA info to see a description of the CSA travel protection coverage

You may also contact CSA's customer Service Department directly at 800-554-9839 and reference Plan Code 330-CSA . If the insurance is not desired we strongly recommend that you review the Maui Beachfront Rentals cancellation policy.