Maui property management company Maui Beachfront Rentals is honored to have lasting relationships with West Maui condo owners who participate in our rental management program. Many have written to us about their reasons for choosing our services and have generously allowed us to share them with potential clients. Read why more than 70% of our owners have trusted us to manage their homes for 10 or more years.

After reviewing the report for last month I want to congratulate you and the rest of the crew on a job well done! Comparing 2017 to 2016, our revenue increased 30%, which is phenomenal! Looks like the average daily rate stayed about the same but the number of nights rented was a huge improvement. To realize this was accomplished in a very challenging market makes it even more remarkable! So kudos to all of you! Our family is very grateful for all you do for us. Best of luck in the coming year and keep up the great work! Mahalo!

~ G. CArtwright ~

MBR Partner Since 2015

I have owned my West Maui condo for over 35 years and have utilized the services of Maui Beachfront Rentals for 25 of those. Because I live on the East Coast, I have had to rely on a management company that understands my needs, is consistent, handles emergencies, responds in a timely manner and is completely trustworthy. Through the years, there have been many changes, yet Maui Beachfront has continuously satisfied my requirements as a management company.

The MBR staff is knowledgeable, courteous, reliable and more than capable in all matters concerning the rental management field.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Maui Beachfront Rentals to any owner who is looking for a management company to handle their property. I for one have not been disappointed.

~ F. Roggeri ~

MBR Partner Since 1992

My husband Jerry and I have been owners here for over seventeen years, and I must say it is one of the most wonderful places on earth.

It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter to highly recommend Maui Beachfront Rentals as your rental agent. They have been been our agent since 1998. Mary and her staff have always gone up and above the line of duty to keep our guests coming back and our units beautiful. We have had minor to major problems occurring off and on through the years and I must say she and her crew had always dealt with them. They always seem to find the easiest and most economical way to solve the problem.

One example would be a Christmas Eve when the refrigerator went out. Of course it was right after the guest had stopped at Costco to buy all their groceries on the way to the complex. Mary was back East and we were in Mexico. She contacted me for approval to call Lowes and replace the refrigerator. Of course Lowes wouldn’t deliver that day, so Mary’s staff went and picked up the new refrigerator and installed it that same day so the guest would not be inconvenienced! Our guest was thrilled. This is only one example of the many things she has accomplished for us! Jerry and I are quite particular on what we expect our unit to look like upon arrival and the MBR staff has never disappointed us. They pay attention to the small details many others dismiss as not relevant. As a result they have developed a strong loyal repeat roster of guests for our unit specifically. It’s those same guests who return year after year that make a real difference. We learned that during some of the tough economical times when occupancies were not so strong on Maui. We fared better than most during those challenging times.

I can honestly say for the past 16 years she has given us peace of mind knowing we are in very capable hands. It is hard for me to believe it has been so long! Great Job!

~ C. Kilarr ~

MBR Partner Since 1998

I have been a client of Maui Beachfront Rentals since 2001 when I purchased my condo. I have a good relationship with the owner and have never considered switching over to any other property management company. It isn’t easy to maintain a property when you live on the mainland, but I trust Maui Beachfront to keep my unit in top shape and to contact me when necessary.

Where guests are concerned, they cater to their needs, can answer any questions, and will respond immediately if the need arises. They are very familiar with Maui and all it has to offer for a variety of people.

~ J. Chastain ~

MBR Partner Since 2001

We have owned a condo in West Maui for 15 years and have utilized the services of Maui Beachfront Rentals during that entire time. MBR and its staff have been professional, courteous, friendly and helpful in its dealings with us and with our rental guests. They are always at the ready for any emergency or maintenance issue that arises, and their internet representation of our unit and others are of the highest caliber. MBR can be counted on to do whatever is necessary to serve us and our guests, and we highly recommend them to both Maui owners and visitors.

~ Mr. and Mrs. King ~

MBR Partner Since 2001

When we first met with Maui Beachfront Rentals ten years ago, we desperately needed help setting up a vacation rental program. Although the Condo had been in the family ever since it was built (original owners!), we were floundering in our efforts to rent it out and yet maintain plenty of flexibility for our own family’s and guests’ visits to Maui. The Classic management program was not for us for several reasons, but mainly because we did not want the constraints placed on owner use that they imposed.

And so, ten very successful years later, we are thankful for the wonderful working relationship you and your staff at Maui Beachfront Rentals have built with our family. We obviously have appreciated the phenomenally high occupancy rate and the steady stream of rental income generated by the guests you book to stay in the Condo. However, we also appreciate so many other aspects of your pleasant and professional team: wonderful responsiveness and communication, attention to when things need to be repaired/replaced, coordination with Classic/Ali’i management and our housekeeper, apprising us of trends in the tourism/vacation rental business and generally keeping an eye on things for us.

Your personal attention has helped to maintain the Condo in excellent condition for the enjoyment of visitors (many who have returned for subsequent vacations) and your marketing and sales program has kept our rental calendar extremely busy far into the future.

This comes with our best wishes and the sincere hope that your potential new client will agree that the unique flexibility, attention and success offered by Maui Beachfront Rentals will be the right approach for the management of their Condo, too. Aloha.

~ Hon. J. Copelan (Ret.) & Mrs. J. Copelan ~

MBR Partner Since 2004

Aloha, I have seen Maui Beachfront “GO THE EXTRA MILE” in accommodating guests on numerous occasions. As the owner of a vacation rental property, I appreciate the personal communication, quality bookings, and the detailed accounting statements provided to me. Thanks!

~ R. Jording ~

MBR Partner Since 2007

I have been renting my Kaanapali Alii unit #151 with Maui Beachfront Rentals for the last several years. When initially remodeling my unit, MBR, along with Angela Paulson, their interior design consultant, proved to be very reliable and helpful in suggestions on the remodel interior designs and repairs. Since using them as my management company, I also had an incident where I had a microwave fire in my kitchen. The unit was shut down for several weeks as it involved a considerable amount of time to deal with clean up, as well as insurance. I was very pleased with the way MBR handled the situation, since I am based out of Florida and was not able to be there to handle the situation myself. My rental income is considerably higher than it was with Classic Resorts and if I were to purchase another unit, I would certainly use them as my management company for it as well. They had always been courteous and full of the Aloha spirit and I would highly recommend MBR to anyone.

~ J. Bradley ~

MBR Partner Since 2010

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your management services of my unit at the Kaleialoha Resort. Not only have you exceeded our expectations with respect to occupancy levels, your staff have addressed all my needs promptly and thoroughly and made many useful suggestions. You and the staff have gone the “extra mile” for us many times to accommodate special needs for us and our guests. One area that is often overlooked is the “maintenance costs” that are very easily abused and unfortunately in the case of many management teams, they use “select” contractors for repairs. The costs tend to be inflated and unfortunately “Referral Fees” or other kickbacks tend to flow back to the management teams. This has never been the case with you and your team. This alone makes our trust level with you and the team so high. The bottom line is that our revenues are considerably higher than with our former management company, which really makes us happy! Mucho Mahalo!

~ B. Gardner ~

MBR Partner Since 2014

Mahalo nui for everything you’ve done over the last 18 months: the friendship as well as the professional expertise. You can be certain that we will continue to tell any and all that “MBR no ka oi!” You are a wonder! Please feel welcome to use us as a reference for anyone trying to choose a management company.

~ Corky & Larry Smith ~

MBR Partner Since 2015

Thank you all, thank you so much! You’re doing a fantastic job of renting my unit! This is a big help to me.

~ Chris Martens ~

MBR Partner Since 2016


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