Review by Dave P.

This is our fourth year in a row at the Alii. We didn’t go through Classic as they wouldn’t allow more than 6 per room. Another couple with their two children joined us giving a total of 7, which was allowed through this booking. I was a bit concerned after reading other reviews so I’ll straighten out a few items from previous reviews.
1) All of the beds were comfortable, no complaints from anyone
2) Better wine glasses would be nice, but this is exactly what we have seen for wine glasses in every other Alii suite that we have stayed in.
3) The bathrooms were up to date, have been renovated.
4) The condo was spotless on arrival, looked like the carpets had been just steamed.
5) As far as updates go, this is in the middle, we have had one with way more updates, one with way fewer and one that was about the same.
6) We missed the pool towel service but quickly became accustomed to it. The dryer takes a while to dry 6 towels at once, so does every other dryer. The washer dryer team is getting a bit long in the tooth, but nothing that you can’t work around.
7) We really didn’t see a lot of difference in how this condo was equipped verses any other condo that we have stayed in at the Alii.

The view from the lanai is great, you catch both the mountains and the ocean on the Marriot side of the Alii. Not much to say about the Alii other that there is a reason why we have come back here four years in a row, the condos, the space and the staff are fantastic, and there is a reason why we looked around at how to get in here with 7 people in the room. Maui Beachfront was a pleasure, a lull in bookings the day we left so we were able to extend checkout for an extra day of lazing around before catching the red eye (for a reasonable price of course)!

If you have a booking coming up and are reading reviews, relax, you’ll like this place. If you are thinking of booking, this is a great choice.
— Dave P.